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We bring your story under the skin!

Our tattoo studios

Studio Cologne

Neusser Str. 459, 50733 Cologne

In the heart of Cologne-Nippes, WOI brings together tattoo artists from all over the world and offers them the opportunity to get in touch with tattoo fans from the surrounding area in our fantastic premises and embellish their bodies with their work. Needle meets ink!

Check our team in Cologne

Studio Ibiza

Carrer de la Murtra 10, 017817 Ibiza

Welcome to our tattoo paradise on the enchanting island of Ibiza! Immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of our studios, where international artists await to enhance your holiday mood with unique tattoos. Be inspired by the beauty of Ibiza as needles and ink transform your skin into works of art. Enjoy the moment and create lasting memories: needle meets ink, holiday vibes included!

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Tattoos of the highest quality and diversity

In our modernly equipped studios, up to 5 artists – specializing in different styles – work at the highest artistic level. Since our artists are in constant change, we offer a wide range of styles. Our tattoo artists are as diverse in their origins as they are in their styles.

Finance your tattoo with Klarna

Buy now. Pay later with Klarna. We have teamed up with Klarna to provide you with new payment options. In order to finance your tattoo with us, Klarna offers you the best way to make your dreams come true.

Very important: Please contact us in advance if you are interested.

Which tattoo style suits you?

Regardless of whether they are traditional, lettering, colour tattoos, black and grey realism, cover up or refresh, every customer will find the right stitch at World of Ink.
From your first visit to aftercare, both the WOI team and the artists will accompany you on the way to your personal work of art, since for us a unique result for the customer is always in the foreground.

Experienced tattoo artists
Our artists look back on years of tattoo experience. Each of them specializes in their own tattoo style.

Personalized advice
We provide you with comprehensive advice on your planned tattoo in our studios and support you in all tattoo-related matters.

Individual designs
Every tattoo should be unique and ultimately suit you. That’s why we create individual tattoo designs.

Online tattoo store

Here you will find a wide variety of high-quality tattoo products. To our store

Your tattoo in 3 steps

1. consultation
In your first consultation you will receive personalized information on your tattoo. Contact us on our email address or superchat (bottom right symbol).
2. Make an appointment
Make an appointment.
3. Getting a tattoo / Having a tattoo done
Your tattoo dream will be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere.


What kind of tattoo should I choose?
You can find all our current styles here.
How much does a tattoo cost?
We cannot give you an exact price for a tattoo without taking into account its size and the effort involved. This information cannot be provided on the internet, email or telephone. You need to make a personal consultation so that we can set a price.

Large tattoos, such as sleeves, where the time required is difficult to estimate, are usually charged according to size, effort, motif and tattoo artist. However, smaller tattoos are priced according to motif. If all factors such as size, time, colour, body placement and type of tattoo are clear, a price can be set straight away. If you only have a certain budget, we can check in advance whether the motif can be carried out at that price.

How do I make an appointment?
You can make an appointment for a consultation here.
What happens if I cancel an appointment?

We understand that plans can change and we are happy to offer you the greatest possible flexibility. If you have made an appointment with us, you can cancel it free of charge up to 72 hours in advance. In this case, we will refund your deposit in the form of a voucher to be used in future appointments.

However, please notice that if you do not show up or cancel late or within the 72-hour period, the deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee. We hope you understand this measure, as in such cases we may not be able to reallocate the appointment.

For more information or to cancel an appointment, please contact our team. We are at your disposal.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
You must have reached the age of 18. Therefore, you must be of legal age under German law.

If you have reached the age of 16, we will also tattoo you with the consent of your legal guardian, who must come to the store with you and identify themselves. If you are under 16, you are NOT allowed to get a tattoo at World oft Ink.

Are the tattoo inks used safe?
It goes without saying that World of Ink only uses colours that meet the standards of the Tattoo Products Ordinance, which has been in force in Germany since 2008.
This means that colourants that are undoubtedly harmless cannot be used.
In addition, all our inks are compliant with REACH-standards.
Can I drink alcohol before my appointment?
No. We do not tattoo people who have been intoxicated with alcohol, drugs or other poisons shortly before their appointment.
Can you tattoo on scars?

We can actually tattoo almost any scar if it is old and no longer red. In the case of severe burn scars, this must be assessed on a case-by-case basis, as in some really extreme cases tattooing is no longer possible (i.e., partially or not at all).

To what extent is attention paid to hygiene?

Cleanliness and general hygiene are a top priority at World of Ink. We only use disposable items and sterilized work equipment. We not only work according to general standards, but also pay special attention to cleaning.