Feelings get under your skin and so do partner tattoos. It is one of the strongest symbols of friendship or love, since even if your feelings change, your tattoo stays. This needs careful consideration.

Obviously, a partner tattoo with a design that you personally like is the ideal thing. This should not depend on your partner and their choice. After all, you will wear that tattoo for the rest of your life, even if your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend no longer goes through life with you at some point. That sounds extremely serious. Still, partner tattoos can certainly look playful. We have taken a look at the most common partner tattoos and we are going to tell you what you should know about looking after them.

The partner tattoos below are available

Partner tattoos are not just reserved for lovers, engaged or married couples. There is no law in the world that would prohibit a mother-daughter team from getting a partner tattoo. Similarly, siblings often get partner tattoos, as do best friends. Partner tattoos simply indicate that two people feel a close bond.

You may have seen two people with absolutely identical tattoos. This is the most common form of partner tattoos, but of course there are many more possibilities:

  • Many people have the other person’s initials tattooed, or alternatively their full or their nickname
  • Symbols standing for a shared experience or a motif closely related to their own relationship are popular motifs for partner tattoos.
  • Two puzzle pieces fitting together are frequently used as partner tattoos. Alternatively, a heart or another simple motif can be tattooed in two halves.
  • Couples often want a date as a tattoo motif to commemorate a special day for them.
  • The coordinates of the place where a couple met or a place which is meaningful to them also make a good motif.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list! As for partner tattoos, you and your partner can choose what you both like. Make sure that you both really like the design, independently of each other.

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Get some inspiration!

Ideally, your tattoo is not what everyone else is wearing, but an individual decision. It is not different from partner tattoos. You decide what you like, and because so many couples, siblings, parents and children have birth dates, wedding anniversaries, names, initials or coordinates on their skin, you can certainly choose a completely personalized partner tattoo.

Use the image search function of your search engine of choice to find numerous partner tattoos that can serve as inspiration. Photos of quite successful partner tattoos can be found on social media.

Personally composed scenes or motifs created from memories you and your partner share are particularly beautiful. Scenes and motifs are the same, but their implementation is different. Furthermore, your tattoo artist has already created an impressive work that connects you and your partner. By the way, it does not have to be old school or classic – modern styles often make singularly successful motifs.

What exactly is the relationship between you and your partner like? You have gone through ups and downs and your path together has not been entirely straightforward. Tell your tattoo artist about you so that they can create a personalized motif from a single line that traces your journey together. Stylistically, this falls under fineline and ends up looking both simple and subtle and complex.

If you really want names, dates or coordinates, you also have the option of customizing the whole thing. Just combine the desired letters and numbers with a simple, personal motif. We have also seen motifs as linework (fineline) combined with data in Morse code.

In case it goes wrong – removal and cover-ups

Not all relationships last a lifetime. Parents and their children grow apart, siblings go separate ways and couples split up. You might still like your partner tattoo. We hope you do. However, often enough, people also want to part with their partner tattoo after separating from their partner. If this is your case, we can offer two options: either you can get a cover-up or you can have your partner tattoo removed by means of laser treatment.

During laser treatment, tattoos are bleached out and individual elements or colours might be completely removed. Small tattoos can be removed more or less completely. It depends on how deep and how big the tattoo is and on the colours used.

With a cover-up, old tattoo disappear into or under a new design. Once it has faded sufficiently, it can simply be overwritten. You will still see a dark shadow which good tattoo artists integrate into the new motif in such a way that it feels as if it absolutely belongs there. The second option consists in integrating the old prepared motif. This is best explained through an example. If your tattoo shows a small heart with a name and/or date underneath, the letters and numbers can be faded out. The heart is transferred to a new, larger motif (perhaps a mandala or a complex work of art). As the new tattoo is larger than the old motif, its faded areas will disappear under the extension and will therefore be no longer or very difficult to recognize.

How to look after your partner tattoo

In principle, partner tattoos are looked after in the same way as any other tattoo. Follow the care tips given to you by your tattoo artist. Avoid sunbathing, sport and swimming pools on the first days after getting a tattoo. A tattoo is an open wound, which can be quite extensive – so make sure you behave in such a way that your wound can heal well and without scarring. If a scab forms on the tattoo, please leave it alone. This scab will probably be coloured because the body forms it from wound fluids and all the foreign bodies it flushes out of the wound. A scab is a kind of natural plaster that the body develops. Leave the scab on the wound.

Cover the unprotected wound so that no dirt can get into it. As soon as a scab has been formed, support the healing process with a tattoo ointment. This ensures that the scab remains supple and soft. If necessary, cover the tattoo with a breathable plaster. Needless to say, wash your hands thoroughly before treating the tattoo.